Signature Central Valley

The "Valley" landscape is the essence of the complex, and encompasses multiple themed zones - each with its unique character.


The Valley of the Palms: Has palm trees to foster a meditative environment.

The Theater Plaza: Is an outdoor extension of the Clubhouse and can be used for hosting exhibitions and performances.

Play Hills: Are grassy knolls that allow children to play freely without you having to worry about their well-being.

Wave Valley: Is a dense bamboo forest with a zen-like vibe and is ideal for relaxation.

The Fitness Trail: Is a jogging/walking track that has distance markers at regular intervals, and outdoor exercise stations, along the way.

Terraced Gardens: Connect seamlessly with the central greens in a terraced valley-like formation.

Beach Scaping: Recreates the ambience of a holiday beach resort, complete with white sand, loungers and sun umbrellas.