Energy Efficient Living

Apartments at The Grand Arch will not only excel in design and comfort features, but they will be amongst the most energy efficient and environment friendly luxury homes in India. High quality double glazed windows will protect your home from thermal extremes and noise to provide peace and quiet in a cool environment.

VRV air conditioning is the world's latest and most energy efficient central air-conditioning system. This ultra silent system with a unique built-in cooling and heating capability will provide uniform room temperature throughout the year. There is no need for additional heaters during winter. As the chart illustrates, VRV is much more energy efficient than conventional split and window air conditioners.

The Grand Arch will be equipped with solar heating systems, solar lighting systems and sunshades for greater energy efficiency. Our waste water treatment plant will use state-of-the-art membrane technology for water purification and recycling. Recycled water at The Grand Arch will be odorless, free of suspended particles and harmful bacteria, conforming to the highest standards of hygiene.