The Corridors by Ireo finds the perfect balance between the demands made by convenience and the inherent human need for nature. All this over a sustainable ecosystem spread across 37.5 acres.

A series of courtyards inter-linked by crisscrossing pedestrian pathways, let you explore The Corridors. A distinctive feature is the almost 10-acre green zone that is made up of interconnected courtyards. A dedicated 2 km long fitness trail with distance markers and fitness stations combined with fully-equipped shaded children’s play areas create a work-out environment for the whole family. A relaxed walk – or a jog if you so prefer – will take you through these lush green stretches. As also the conveniently located access points to all amenities dotting the landscape. Ground floor apartments have private gardens that overlook the central greens and also have direct access to the same. Higher floor apartments, on the other hand, enjoy breath-taking views of thick foliage.

The larger external courtyards accommodate play areas, sports facilities, relaxing gardens and shaded seating areas. To build a greater bond between residents, a community festival zone has been specially designated. Wide, open greens bring in the “picnic spot” feel while enclosed lawns give you your very own space.

The Corridors – with only 20% of land usage for buildings – are designed to welcome nature’s guests from the nearby Aravalis. Its significant tree cover will indeed be a happy meeting ground for birds of different feathers.